Hof van Nederland

Museum about our freedoms past and present
In the Hof van Nederland, the city's and therefore the country's history comes to life in various ways: in objects, films, sound, virtual display cases and digital archive books. On the basis of important historical moments in Dutch history, which took place in Dordrecht, you can learn more about the origins of our freedoms.

Hof van Nederland is for everyone
Whether you like history or are interested in social themes such as freedom and tolerance. Be surprised and inspired, there is plenty to see and do.

Free spirits' Astrid Sy, Raven van Dorst and Kiza Magendane, connected to the museum, will be happy to show you around in their audio tour. They challenge you to look differently at the various stories in the museum and to reflect on what freedom means to you personally. Each from their own expertise, life experience and view on freedom. You can choose your own Free Spirit, whereby each gives their own view on the stories told in the court.

The building and the collection
The building has been through a lot over the centuries, so it likes to tell its own story. Through the coloured listening horns that can be found throughout the museum, you can learn more about the beautiful location and former functions of the medieval building. And there is no shortage of unique objects; Hof van Nederland is a Canon Museum and you can tell: Mary of Burgundy, William of Orange, Johan and Cornelis de Witt; they all played an important role in the history of the Netherlands and influenced our freedoms.

The collection tells the story of our freedoms through historical events such as the First Assembly of the Free States of Holland, the Synod of Dordrecht, the murder of the De Witt brothers and the Second World War. But it is also about how we in the Netherlands deal with our freedoms today by questioning and making visitors think about history and the present.

Activities for young and old
For the youngest visitors there is a special children's tour where they can free the Griffin, which is in the Dordrecht coat of arms, from his fantasy world. There is also an escape tour 'The quest of the key guilds' for young and old, where keys must be found by solving puzzles to gain access to the Iron Cabinet where the privileges are stored. Look here for more information about the children's tour.

Inspire and connect
The court has a 'sanctuary' where we engage in conversation with a broad and diverse audience to discuss issues from a different perspective. In which respect is paramount. Together with our Guild of Free Spirits and other organisations, inside and outside the city, we want to inspire and connect. A few times a year we organise 'Hof live'. A changing evening programme with lectures and dialogues on current affairs alternating with music, for example.

Tip for visiting Hof van Nederland

Walking historical city centre Wolwevershaven Damiatebrug

Guided tour with city walk

Reservations possible via Dagtochten Dordrecht
Liberated Griffioen Hof van Nederland Dordrecht

Liberated Griffin

fun activity for kids

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