With your nose in the books

Partly due to the annual Dordtse Boekenmarkt and the many specialised bookstores, Dordrecht is increasingly gaining the image of a Book Town. Walk this route along bookstores selling comic books, pop-up books, English language books or children's books. Or are you more interested in second-hand, new or old books? You will find it all on this delightful snooping route through Dordrecht.


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Start at VVV Dordrecht

Spuiboulevard 99

Get the city map of Dordrecht from VVV Dordrecht so you can visit museums and other interesting places in the city center along the way. Look around the VVV store right away because here you will also find books, especially about the city of Dordrecht.

VVV Dordrecht

Bookstore the Bengel

Vriesestraat 35

De Nieuwe Bengel is an independent and surprising bookshop with many titles of its own. De Bengel's own imports are renowned and, in addition to new editions, you will find many discounted books here. For this shop, the poet Jan Eijkelboom invented the line: "He who reads lives twice". This motto has become their trademark.

Bookstore the Bengel

English Bookshop

Vriesestraat 37

Bookshop with an extensive collection of English-language books such as young adult, fantasy, literature and history. Outside the English language area, there is nowhere else that people read as much English as in the Netherlands, so this bookshop meets this need.

The shop is part of the adjacent bookstore De Bengel.

English Bookshop

Vos & van der Leer has been the bookstore of choice for Dordrecht and the surrounding area for over sixty years. Located in a beautiful monument of former auction house Mak with cozy (reading) corners. Besides a large collection of books, you can also find surprising gifts, magazines, greeting cards, puzzles and games. Come browse through this beautiful store. Or let one of the expert staff members advise you. 

Vos & Van der Leer bookshop

The Read Beast

Groenmarkt 72

Antiquarian bookshop 't Leesbeest has a wide range of second-hand books. From children's books to Dutch literature and from fiction to philosophy. If you are a book lover, you have come to the right place at 't Leesbeest in Dordrecht.

The Read Beast


Groenmarkt 163

LeesLETTERS, the shop with everything about (learning) to read. LeesLETTERS is for teachers, parents, reading specialists, reading coordinators, ib-ers, dyslexia specialists, speech therapists, remedial teachers and book lovers. Located as a shop in the shop at De Giraf.


In one of the oldest streets in Dordrecht, a giraffe sticks its neck out to lure everyone into the shop. Inside, you will find a wonderful world of stories, arranged by theme or age. There is a large collection of picture, children's and juvenile books as well as informative books. There are also posters, postcards, hand puppets and audio books and a cosy corner where children can enjoy reading and playing. De Giraf is a warm place for all lovers of children's books!

Children's bookshop De Giraf

Small but well-stocked with a wide range of new, small-press, foreign, second-hand, antique, curios, screen prints, posters and originals. Despite the small size of this unique shop, you can find exactly what you are not looking for. 

Comic Strip Shop Sjors
Scheffersplein Babylon terrace catering Dordrecht

Horecaplein Scheffersplein


The Scheffersplein is the hospitality square of Dordrecht. Time for a cup of coffee, another drink or enjoy a tasty lunch on one of the terraces.


The Ramsjgat

Voorstraat 235

't Ramsjgat specialises in NEW, but slightly damaged, books all around 40% off. As the only shop in the Netherlands that only sells damaged books, the shop is more than worth a visit.
Weekly new supply of recently published new books in all kinds of fields.
The shop is also part of Kunstrondje Dordt, every first Sunday of the month. 

The Ramsjgat

The 2 Owls

Voorstraat 154

De 2 oiltjes is a shop with a small and varied collection of books and prints. Some specialisations are old children's books and decorative prints. Furthermore, the shop focuses on curious and collectible books, folders and brochures. A part of the collection can also be found on the website.

The 2 Owls

The Book Drawer

Boomstraat 5

Bookstore De Boekenla is a Valhalla for lovers of - how could it be otherwise - books. But also if you like LPs, comics, CDs and DVDs, this is the place to be. Especially about the large collection of second-hand LPs, owner Ron Klaassen gets many compliments.

The Book Drawer

Walk under the Groothoofd gate and enjoy the beautiful view of the Drierivierenpunt at the Groothoofd. Here you will also find various terraces and places to eat.

Groothoofd Dordrecht
Wolwevershaven Dock Straatman Bicycle

End of the route or walk a bit further?

Roo Bridge

There is another special bookshop on the other side of the centre. Would you like to walk a little further along the historic harbours and the Grote Kerk? Then walk on over to the only Christian bookshop in Dordrecht.


Book and gift shop Present

Voorstraat 414-418

A fresh new concept of Christian Book and Gift Shop. A contemporary, attractive shop in a monumental building with thousands of books, cards and many beautiful gift articles. Present creates development opportunities for people in a vulnerable position by offering daytime activities and participation.

Book and gift shop Present


Groenmarkt 141

Sluit je snuffelroute af in stijl bij de restaurant L’Archiviste. Hier ga je terug in de tijd via een grote boekenkast mét boeken uit de jaren 20 naar het Parijs van 1920. Een archivaris ontvangt je en dan stap je het Franse restaurant binnen. Je kunt er terecht voor lunch en diner maar wel verstandig om even te reserveren!


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