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Cycle routes "Nieuwe Dordtse Biesbosch"

Two cycle routes (12.5 and 18 km) through the nature and recreation area De Nieuwe Dordtse Biesbosch. Until 2017, this was an agricultural area. Now it has a sustainable and resilient water system and forms a buffer between National Park De Biesbosch and the city of Dordrecht. It is approximately 530 hectares in size.
You will cycle past places of interest that make the route even more fun. Look at the map with information in the download.

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Start at Wieldrechtse Zeedijk

Seawall 4

Departure is Eastwards. Further on you will pass former Wheels in the Zeedijk. The wheels were so deep that the dyke was guided around them, which is why the dyke still makes two large bends at Alloysehoeve.


Ferry Service Kop van 't Land

Kop van 't Land was originally a tongue of land in the Biesbosch Sea. Now you can cross here by ferry to the Brabant Bank. This bike route stays on the Island of Dordt. Turn right onto the Zeedijk.


The Hania Lock

Van Elzelingenweg 100

The first lock of the Haniaspolder (1758) was a wooden ebb and flow lock. In 1799, it was replaced by a large stone arch lock. At low tide, excess water in the Biesbosch was drained from the polders. At high tide, the sluice gates were closed, unless the agriculture needed water. With the impoldering of Polder de Biesbosch in 1926, the Haniasluis lost its function: draining into the Biesbosch was no longer possible.




Originally an agricultural harbour of Polder de Biesbosch. Now a recreational harbour for pleasure yachts. It is also a starting point for a walk to the Oosthaven and Tongplaat.

Harvest park fruit to go Nieuwe Dordtse Biesbosch Dordrecht

Endpoint routes

Oude Veerweg 1a

Download the route description with map. It shows where the route can be shortened and what there is to see along the way, such as De Elzen, a picking garden and a lookout point.

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