Cycling - Dordrecht - junctions

VVV bicycle route Dordrecht-Kinderdijk-Biesbosch

VVV Dordrecht has put together this cycle route based on cycle junctions. You will cycle through the historic inner city of Dordrecht, the beautiful Alblasserwaard and the Dutch part of the Biesbosch. You can take your bike for free on the Waterbus which is used along the way. Because the cycle route uses junctions, you can start the route at any point. Below is an example of how you could cycle the route.

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A good starting point for this cycle route is at VVV Dordrecht. The staff of VVV Dordrecht are ready to tell you everything about the city and can give you tips on the highlights of Dordrecht. Here, you can buy the route description for this cycle route for just € 1.

VVV Dordrecht

At junction 87, you can board the Waterbus to Rotterdam. With the Waterbus, you will reach Alblasserdam easily and comfortably. Take your bicycle on board and enjoy the crossing over the river.

Waterbus Dordrecht
Kinderdijk World Heritage Site - mills region

The bridge at junction 2 offers a spectacular view of the mills. Here you can visit the Visitor Centre or one of the museum mills. Your entrance ticket to the Kinderdijk World Heritage Site also entitles you to board one of the canal boats. Two of them sail past the mills every day.

World Heritage Site Kinderdijk

Restaurant de Krom in Oud-Alblas

Oosteinde 6

Time for a culinary break at Restaurant de Krom in Oud-Alblas with a lovely (covered) terrace. The cycle route takes you through the beautiful Alblasserwaard, past the villages of Oud-Alblas, Bleskensgraaf and Wijngaarden and the small rivers of Alblas and Graafstroom.


This cycle route takes you to the Dutch part of the Biesbosch National Park. The Biesboschcentrum Dordrecht has undergone a metamorphosis and from the moment you step inside you will be amazed. You will learn all about the five Biesbosch themes: water, plants, beavers, pilot whales and birds.

Biesboschcentrum Dordrecht

At Villa Augustus, you can sit or stroll in the (vegetable) garden, or eat or drink in the Pompgebouw. Fresh (home-made) products are sold in the market shop.

Villa Augustus - Water tower and pump house

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