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The Dordrecht Beer and Wine Tour

Tour the beer and wine history of the city of Dordrecht.

Enjoy the history and a delicious cold beer or (Dordrecht) wine on a terrace or in a café along the route.
Beer and wine have been part of Dordrecht for centuries. Beer was often the replacement for drinking water because the water in the harbors was too dirty. Before 1500, there were even about 30 breweries operating in the city, and until 1968, the oldest Dutch beer brewery De Sleutel (1570) was located in the city. Until the 17th century, wine was still too expensive for the common man but then prosperity brought the bottle of wine to the table more often. For a long time, Dordrecht was a center of wine trade where young Rhine wines were brought by river and stored in wine cellars.


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The Smiling Monk

Voorstraat 426

The Laughing Monk is the perfect place to start your stroll. With as many as 17 different beers on tap and a special Trappist collection, beer lovers are sure to get their money's worth. Drink the Dordrecht draft beer Sint Sura here, named after the saint who, according to local legend, had the Grote Kerk built. Follow Voorstraat towards the center, at the intersection with Visstraat turn left.

The Smiling Monk
Vino Di Marco wine store shopping center Dordrecht

Here you will find a wide range of wines from house wine to champagne and everything in between. Vino di Marco sells wines from traditional wine countries such as Italy, France, Spain and Germany as well as homegrown wines. Just walk into this wine store and pick out a delicious bottle of wine.

Vino di Marco
Beer and wine tour

BRUT Food & Wine Bar

Groenmarkt 121

If you are already in the mood for a nice glass of wine, walk in to Brut Food & Wine bar. Here you can get acquainted with a unique selection of wines in the bar or the beautiful city garden behind the premises. Looking for a nice wine & food combination or a tasting? The crew is happy to tell you more about their favorite wines and food. Or choose a High Wine for a guaranteed fun afternoon!

BRUT Food & Wine Bar
Brasserie de Sleutel

The Key

Groenmarkt 105

You can recognise House De Sleutel by its red shutters. The building was built in 1652 for the then owner of brewery De Sleutel. A plaque with a key can be seen in the façade. Originally, this building was much deeper and extended all the way to the rear of Varkenmarkt. The actual brewery was located on that side. The Groenmarkt side was used as a residence. When you walk through the adjacent alley, you will see the current city brewery.

More about Stadsbrouwerij Dordrecht
Ary Scheffer Scheffersplein Dordrecht

Wine bar Ary & Co.

Scheffersplein/Tolbrugstraat 11

Wine and food under the eye of Ary Scheffer at Scheffersplein. From a top wine from the Rioja to a Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough and everything in between. At this wine bar, they have more than 50 quality wines on the menu for everyone from connoisseur to enthusiast.

Wine bar Ary & Co.

On and around the Scheffersplein you will find all kinds of catering establishments from restaurants to cafes. In the summer months you can settle down on the various terraces. Across the square at Stadscafé Rijke you can enjoy real Dordrecht beer from brewery Ebontree or another special beer. Take a seat at the bar or on the cozy terrace.

Town Café Rijke & Zn

Bistro Twee33

Wijnstraat 233

At this bistro, you can enjoy a good glass of wine at cocktail hour or reserve a High Wine for 2. During an approximately 2-hour arrangement, they serve a glass of bubbly with an amuse bouche upon entering. This is followed by 3 dishes with 3 matching wines.

Bistro Twee33


Wijnstraat 223

The Wijnstraat is a reminder of the prosperous wine trade. It flourished because of the extension of the staple right in the Middle Ages. Wine cellars could be found all over the city, but most wine traders kept their cool, damp cellars here on the Wijnstraat. Between the early Middle Ages and the end of the 17th century, the wine trade brought Dordrecht considerable prosperity. The staple right determined that all wine coming from Germany had to be unloaded in Dordrecht and had to stay in Dordrecht for at least a week before being sold. Dordrecht had the monopoly of the Rhine wine trade, but several French wines were also traded.

De Stroper restaurant Wijnbrug terrace Dordrecht

More places that remind of the days when Dordrecht was a thriving wine city. The Wijnbrug is the connection between Voorstraat and Wijnstraat. When you walk up the Wijnbrug, the Wijnhaven flows underneath you. From the Wijnbrug/Wijnhaven you can take a tour through the Dordrecht inner city in an open whisper boat, highly recommended!

Round trip with De Dordtevaar
monuments Dordrecht


Kuipershaven 17

Along the Kuipershaven lived the coopers who manufactured the barrels for the wine, which was traded through Dordrecht. The many warehouses still remind us of that time. The most notable is Pakhuis van Oldenborgh with the neck or spout gable at numbers 17-18. Under the hoisting beam of this former wine warehouse, two satyrs can be seen as bearing figures. These mythological figures were followers of the Greek wine god Bacchus.

Groothoofd terrace eating drinking Jongepier Damiatebrug Wolwevershaven water Dordrecht

This is where the ships arrived in the early Middle Ages. Upon arrival in Dordrecht, the 'wine rower' came on board to determine the contents of the barrels with a yardstick, the wine rod. Brokers established contacts between sellers and buyers. Tax and toll registers from the 16th century show that in those days, one to one and a half million litres of wine were transported! Enjoy the Drierivierenpunt on a terrace at the Groothoofd with a glass of wine or beer!

Groothoofd Dordrecht

Het Bolwerck

Boomstraat 27

If you walk a little further, you can enjoy a Dordt beer from the Dordtse Brouwers on the beautiful terrace of the Bolwerck. On the terrace and in the restaurant, you have a beautiful view of the rivers Noord, Merwede and Oude Maas. There are delicious snack platters on the menu or enjoy a nice lunch.

Het Bolwerck
Warehouse Bordeaux Dordrecht - monument

Warehouse Bordeaux

Wijnstraat 61

The former warehouse Bordeaux (Wijnstraat 61) refers to wines from France. Almost all the houses in this street had wine cellars, where the wines could mature before being sold.


From this point you will pass 3 catering establishments in close succession for beer or wine.
With 14 beers on tap and about 150 beers in bottles/cans it may be clear that DE TIJD is all about beer, beer and more beer. For over thirty years DE TIJD is located in a beautiful monument from 1603 in the heart of the historic city center. Try the Dordtse Schapekopje beer from Stadsbrouwerij Dordrecht here. Or do a beer tasting!

DE TIJD, local for beers

Het Magazijn

Voorstraat 180

Walk into this beautiful building and feast your eyes. Het Magazijn is more than a bar and restaurant with pop-up stores and a gallery. With nice weather, you can enjoy a High Wine or a local beer from Ebontree, Dordtse Brouwers or Paap in the beautiful courtyard garden.

Restaurant Het Magazijn

Red, white & rosé

Voorstraat 227

You can choose from as many as 150 wines in the Red, White & Rosé store or enjoy a glass of wine in the wine bar. With a choice of more than 60 wines to order by the glass, there is always something tasty for you! Or let yourself be surprised by a blind tasting trio, a High Wine or rather a Dordts Schapekopje beer.

Red, white & rosé
City walk Hof van Nederland Augustijnenkerk Dordrecht

From the Steegoversloot, walk under the gate and you will pass the Hof van Nederland. This museum is worth a visit for history lovers. Here, you will have a front row seat to the First Free States Assembly of 1572, experience the early Golden Age of 14th-century Dordrecht and learn about the influence of the Synod of Dordrecht.

Het Hof van Nederland
De Berckepoort - monument - Dordrecht

The Berckepoort

Nieuwstraat 22

On the corner of Hofstraat/Nieuwstraat stands the building de Berckepoort (1530), one of Holland's oldest monumental residences. In the 16th and 17th centuries the residence with wine cellars of the Tack and Berck families, wine merchants from Germany. Berck must have been an important man, as he received guests such as William of Orange and Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester.


Café De Vrienden

Tolbrugstraat Landzijde 29

You are almost at the end of this Dordt Beer and Wine Tour. At Café de Vrienden you can have your last (special) beer and enjoy a delicious drink board.

Café De Vrienden

Would you like to take home some Dordrecht beer or wine? These are available at a few addresses in the city centre. For example, drop by Slijterij van Pelt. Here they sell Schapekopje Beer, Ebontree Beer, De Dordtse Brouwers but also wine from the local winery De Bilderhof. Maybe you would like to visit this winery, check out the Taste of Bilderhof.

Liquor Store van Pelt

Wijnhuis 167

Green Market 167

Also at Wijnhuis 167 you can buy the special Dordt wine from the Bilderhof and more than 400 varieties of other wine from around the world. But you can also buy the Dordts Blondje of the Dordtse Brouwers here. Drop in for good advice on wine-food combinations or a wine tasting.

Wijnhuis 167

This is where the tour ends. We hope you have enjoyed the route and the many cafés and terraces. You have probably already bought some (Dordtse) beer and wine, but do you also know the Dordtse jenever, gin and liqueur of Distilleerderij Rutte? You can stop by on your way home, the shop is located at Vriesestraat 130.

Rutte Jenever & Distillery
Bock beer DubbelBock Schapenkopje Stadsbrouwerij autumn VVV Dordrecht

Didn't get around to buying a Dordrecht beer or wine during the route? In the store of VVV Dordrecht you will find the Dordtse Schapenkop beer in nice gift packages. But also red, white and bubbly wine from De Bilderhof together with a nice wine glass. Take a look around the souvenir store and take home a nice souvenir of Dordrecht.

VVV Dordrecht

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