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Specialist shop for spirits, liqueurs, wines and special beers with a specialisation in whisky. A liquor store where expertise, service and customer-friendliness are highly valued. There is also a large selection of gift items and business gifts.

NEW and fun gift idea, choose your own gift bottle and have it filled with the drink of your choice.

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Shop Bagijnhof

Shopping in Visstraat and Bagijnhof

Distillery Rutte - Dordrecht - liqueur tasting

Made in Dordrecht

13 Locations

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Liquor Store
Gifts & party goods

Brenda Gifts

Vriesestraat 21
Liquor Store

Vino di Marco

Front Street 425
Liquor Store

Grand Cru Wines

Rijksstraatweg 24
Liquor Store
Local products

Rutte Jenever & Distillery

Vriesestraat 130
High wine
Liquor Store

Red, white & rosé

Voorstraat 227
Liquor Store

Gall & Gall

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