Nationaal Onderwijsmuseum

With more than 390,000 objects, the National Museum of Education has the largest education collection in the world. Unique, just like article 23 from our constitution about the freedom of education that underlies the diversity in Dutch education. And that diversity of objects is reflected in our collection. In a lively and diverse exhibition, the museum shows the many aspects of education and its influence on youth culture. Visit the museum and experience the development of education (history) in the present, past and future through personal stories and current events.

The Museum of Education has a beautiful location: the carefully restored De Holland building from 1939 in Dordrecht. De Holland is one of the characteristic buildings designed by the self-willed architect Sybold van Ravesteyn (1889 - 1983). It is a special museum building near the railway station. The museum has over 2500 m² of public and exhibition space, a cosy staff room, a shop and a museum café with garden. Even without visiting the museum, you can enjoy delicious (regional) delicacies in museum café de Holland.

Meeting Location
of room rental (3 different rooms) for meetings and gatherings possibly supplemented by activities in the museum. Check the website for more information.

History monument The Holland

The Holland was built in 1937 for the office of the insurance company "The Holland of 1859. After the insurance company left the building in the late 1970s, it was radically remodeled to make it suitable as a supermarket. After it also moved, the building stood empty for a long time. In 2011 it was announced that it would be fully restored for the purpose of establishing the National Museum of Education, which opened in July 2015.

  • Year built: 1937
  • Style of architecture: Baroque
  • Architect: Sybold van Ravesteyn
  • Original function: Office building


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