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A tour of Dordrecht's finest terraces

With the sun high in the sky, the terraces are filling up again. From bustling catering squares and sunny waterside seats to quiet enjoyment in hidden city gardens: the choice of nice places to sit with your drink seems to increase every summer. We list the finest terraces for you.

Hidden courtyard gardens

Seen from the street, you wouldn't guess it, but behind those beautiful old facades in the city center are often beautiful leafy urban gardens. For example, at Brut you can enjoy your wine or burger in the greenery.

A little further on, lunchroom Den Witten Haen also has a fine garden, as do No.38 City Bakery and Broodcafé Jaap.

BRUT food drink wine city garden garden spring center Dordrecht

Hidden green gem of The Warehouse

A big surprise in terms of indoor gardens is the large, fully enclosed city garden of Het Magazijn. A unique place, because where else in the center can you hear birds singing and the wind rustling through the trees?

Until the restaurant opened, hardly anyone knew of the existence of this green oasis behind Voorstraat Noord. The busy street life here seems miles away. It makes it the ideal place for a relaxing lunch, dinner, drinks or just a cup of coffee. In the sun or in the shade, with friends at a beer table or intimate in a small sitting area. Between the wisteria-covered high fences in the garden - a work of art by landscape architect Adriaan Geuze - hang hammocks in which you can chill with your drink. Here and there are cheerful beach chairs, for children there is plenty of room to play and swing, and you can even try your hand at a game of ping pong. You can do it all in this lovely garden, all day long, seven days a week - from your cappuccino in the early morning sun to your special beer by a crackling fire under the stars.

Restaurant Het Magazijn city garden terrace Dordrecht

Enjoying along the waterfront

It is also nice to relax, especially in very warm weather, on the many terraces along the waterfront. At Merz you sit on the sunny terrace on an inner harbor full of imposing barges. At the beginning of the Nieuwe Haven, on Blauwpoortsplein, you will find the cozy terraces of Finn's and Lef. A little further on you can enjoy pizzas, antipasti and drinks under the beautiful monumental roof of Otto e Mezzo and at tapas bar 't Vl ak you can enjoy the most delicious tapas and a view of the beautiful Wolwevershaven. If you stroll further along the harbors, you will eventually arrive at the famous Groothoofd where you can enjoy an unparalleled view of the famous Dordrecht Drierivierenpunt from the various terraces. With sunshine until late in the evening and always a nice cooling breeze, you couldn't wish for a better terrace spot.

Otto e Mezzo - Terrace - Vismarkt - Nieuwe Haven

Bustling city terraces

If you are looking for something more lively, you will find more than enough terraces scattered through the center from where you can watch city life at your leisure.

On the street from the station to the city center, you pass the atmospheric terrace of restaurant Post; the place for all kinds of Mediterranean delicacies in your glass and on your plate. A stone's throw away there on the waterfront of the Spuiboulevard are the sunny terraces of DOK Bar & Bites. From 16.00 hours you can always pop in for a drink and a snack or a nice dinner, fine wines, special beers and be sure to try the lobster!

Restaurant Post terrace food drinks girlfriends drinks board spring Dordrecht

Another remarkable urban terrace

If you stroll further into the city, then, literally and figuratively, on and around the Fish Bridge you are always in the right place. Here you will find the sunny terrace of the Greek restaurant Olympiada, the mundane, Parisian atmosphere of Centre Ville and the extensive terrace of De Crimp. It was already pleasant to sit there in front of the monumental facade, but recently you can also enjoy the sun on the other side in five stylish wooden alcoves against the Walloon Church. Each seat has room for ten, ideal if you want to eat or have drinks with a group.

Olympiada terrace

Luca - la dolce vita italiana on Scheffersplein

And then, of course, there's Scheffersplein, the catering heart of the city. Amid all the terraces that have been there for years, the still hip newcomer osteria/bar Luca transformed its own little square into an Italian piazza where you taste and experience the good Italian life in everything.

Here there is that relaxed, casual summer atmosphere as found in small Italian streets where everyone gathers to enjoy good food and drink together. A terrace with cozy corners, cozy seats for two and of course the über-Italian long tables at which people dine until late. Sip an espresso against the façade, sip a wine in the sun, feast on the tastiest fresh antipasti and pizzas. Here you can enjoy yourself as only the Italians can.

Scheffersplein -Dordrecht - terrace

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