Den Witten Haen

At lunchroom Den Witten Haen you can enjoy a delicious lunch, coffee, not to mention homemade delicacies or a cozy high tea. Experience the cozy atmosphere of the lunchroom on the Groenmarkt, where they work with special employees. Lunchroom Den witten Haen is in fact an initiative of Philadelphia care. They work with people who have a distance to the labor market. Is the weather good, then it is extra good to stay at this lunchroom in Dordrecht. This can be done, for example, on the terrace in the quiet city garden in the middle of the city center. Looking for a location for a party or a room for a meeting? This is also among the possibilities at Den Witten Haen and not without merit, as there are fine options available, with all sorts of possibilities.

Meeting Location
For a meeting, Den Witten Haen is an excellent place to meet. The location has beautiful meeting rooms. The Stoop Room, the Green Room, the Gijs van Aardenne Room and the Garden Room adjacent to the beautiful courtyard garden, all with beautiful ceiling decorations. Plenty of choice! As a pleasant break from the day, lunchroom Den Witten Haen invites you to come and experience the ambiance of the location for yourself.

Schefferstaete is located in four adjacent properties: Groenmarkt 11 through 21.
Groenmarkt number 17 is with 14.9 meters, the widest building from the street. It was built in the last quarter of the eighteenth century. On the spot where two or perhaps three houses stood before that time. In any case, the buildings Jerusalem and Den Rooden Schild stood there. Jerusalem was the residence of the well-known Dordrecht regent Cornelis van Beveren. He sold it in 1749 for 16375 guilders. The current residence, built by order of a mayor, came into the hands of the Amsterdamsche Bank in 1922. Over thirty years later, in 1954, the Chamber of Commerce settled there.
The narrow building number 19 has no side walls of its own. The walls of both neighboring buildings serve that purpose. In the early nineteenth century it housed a grocery store and later an office.
The leftmost building of Schefferstaete, number 21, is the oldest of the four. It was built in 1720 for the Dordrecht regent Hugo Eelbo, on the site where a beer brewery named Den Witten Haen once stood. The residential house with a width of 13.4 meters, changed in 1935 into the old people's home Huize Johanna. The dormitories accommodated a total of thirty to forty elderly people. The house was owned by the deaconry of the Reformed Church until the 1970s.

Then it became vacant and a number of squatters moved in. In 1984, the Chamber of Commerce took care of the building. The rightmost building - numbers 11, 13 and 15 - was a house until master blacksmith Jacob Lips started a shop in it in 1880. He sold household goods from the smithy, such as cookers, stoves, bicycles and prams. Later, Lips produced his famous safes there for some time.

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