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Unique amount of art and antiques at Kunstrondje Dordt

The Kunstrondje Dordt is a walk along galleries, art, antique and curio stores, antiquarian bookshops and museums. All in the historic center of Dordrecht, within walking distance of each other. Every first Sunday of the month, art and antique lovers can get their fill during Kunstrondje Dordt. You can use a paper city guide to visit the 52 art and antique shops, or you can use a handy app with an audio version. You map out your own route. For example, if you feel like looking at a lot of paintings, you choose those items. So where you go is entirely up to you!

There is no city where there is still so much on offer in terms of art and antiques as in Dordrecht.
- Sylvia Landa

Guided tour

If you want a little more guidance, don't fret: there are regular guided (free) city tours. The starting point is at the Town Hall. Whichever option you choose for your Kunstrondje Dordt walk, one thing is certain: you will enjoy it! There are regular extra activities, so allow enough time for your walk. And choose consciously, because one day will not be enough for you if you are a true art and antiques lover, because many store owners are happy to give you a tour and explanation of their business. But then you just come back again to continue the walk! Some business owners are not only open on the first Sunday of the month, sometimes also on weekdays.

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Nowhere so much art and antiques

There is always a lot of enthusiasm for the Kunstrondje Dordt walk, says Sylvia Landa of the organization. "There is no city in the Netherlands where there is still so much on offer in the area of art and antiques as in Dordrecht. It is truly unique that there are so many entrepreneurs in the city who are involved in this. So that attracts a lot of people. Also nice: you come into unusual stores, with things you don't see on everyone's dresser. For the small and big purse, art and antiques are really not always expensive."

Long Iron Bridge walking Kunstrondje Dordt autumn autumn Dordrecht

Grab of participants

We would like to show you some of the participants of the Kunstrondje Dordt. Of course there are many more participants, but here is a preview.

The Bookla
Bookstore De Boekenla is a Valhalla for lovers of - how could it be otherwise - books. But also if you like LPs, comics, CDs and DVDs, this is the place to be. Especially about the large collection of second-hand LPs, owner Ron Klaassen gets many compliments. "The variety appeals to people; I get about a hundred LPs in every week. So there is a lot of new supply, including a nice lot of metal and hard rock LPs. I don't sell anything over the Internet - I go for the old-fashioned way and that's selling in a store, also because then stories are exchanged." Ever since the beginning, Ron has participated in the Kunstrondje Dordt. In fact, he was one of the first members. "It's always beneficial for the traffic in my store. I have a large department of art books, so the connection with the Kunstrondje Dordt is easily made."

The Bookla, Tree Street 5
De Boekenla Kunstrondje Dordt culture Dordrecht

Atelier Grotekerksplein

For almost ten years you can find Atelier Grotekerksplein on Grotekerksplein. Adrie Hello and Sjane de Haan run the studio and are very happy about that every day. On the beautiful location in a monumental building there is always something going on and that provides a lot of inspiration to make art. Adrie makes watercolors, almost always of the city itself. The inner city and the landscapes of the outskirts of Dordrecht are great sources of inspiration for him. Sjane makes colorful works in acrylic and oil paint. Regularly, the fairytale environment of the harbor that sits just around the corner is taken as the subject of the two's artworks. Adrie and Sjane have been participating in the Kunstrondje Dordt for a long time. Adrie: "It is nice to show our work to people. The studio does not really have a shop window, so it is nice that people discover our studio on such a day. Visitors come from far and wide, sometimes even from Belgium. People are often surprised how beautiful Dordrecht is."

Atelier Grotekerksplein, Grotekerksplein 1c
Atelier Grotekerksplein Kunstrondje Dordt culture Dordrecht

SBK Art Lending & Gallery

Are you a lover of art on the wall? That's lucky, because at SBK Kunstuitleen & Galerie you can borrow art from a collection of more than 30,000 works. By borrowing works, you build up a credit and you can use that credit to borrow art again. In this way you can easily take the finest works of art into your home at this oldest art library in the Netherlands. SBK Kunstuitleen & Galerie has been participating in Kunstrondje Dordrecht for a very long time, says Boris Gunst. "Dordrecht is a city of artists. It is nice to have a fixed moment when you can see everything. That way you get an idea of what the city has to offer in terms of art." Anyway, it's a good idea to look around SBK Kunstuitleen & Galerie, because there are all kinds of great initiatives at this location. Truly a cultural hotspot!

SBK Art Loan & Gallery, Voorstraat 180
SBK Art Loan and Gallery Kunstrondje Dordt culture Dordrecht

Got a tasty appetite?

Fancy a snack or drink during your hike, or better yet, both? Along the way you will come across the nicest catering establishments! We won't withhold a selection from you.

Restaurant The Warehouse
A low-threshold catering establishment: this is how Restaurant Het Magazijn can safely be called. You can easily walk in to the restaurant, where you will also find all kinds of stores and the art loan. The atmosphere at Het Magazijn is exactly how many people like it: relaxed and friendly. Whether you feel like a drink, lunch or dinner: Het Magazijn's menu offers something for everyone. Don't forget the comfort food! These are small dishes that you can enjoy at any time of the day. Five years ago Het Magazijn opened its doors and since then the restaurant is almost constantly full. With locals, tourists and anyone who feels like a nice moment with a snack and a drink. During your Kunstrondje Dordt stroll, just step inside!

Restaurant The Warehouse, Front Street 180
Restaurant Het Magazijn food and drink Dordrecht

Lunchroom Den Witten Haen

People with a distance to the labor market, such as those with ADHD or autism, do everything they can at Lunchroom Den Witten Haen to make you happy. They receive training that is entirely focused on the hospitality industry, including hospitality, and that shows, because there is plenty of cheer at this Dordrecht lunchroom! In a beautiful location, in the city garden when the weather is nice, you enjoy runners like the well-known bouncer or a croquette sandwich. Every season there is a changing menu, so there is always something tasty for you to choose from. For example, go for a homemade pastry. Normally, Lunchroom Den Witten Haen is closed on Sundays, but especially for the Kunstrondje Dordt, you can eat and drink here every first Sunday of the month.

Lunchroom Den Witten Haen, Groenmarkt 19b
Lunchroom Den Witten Haen food and drink Dordrecht

Grandcafé Groothoofd

Can you imagine sitting on the terrace with a beautiful view of the three-river point when the weather is nice? That's right, because you can do that at Grandcafé Groothoofd! The place to enjoy next level. Go for coffee and apple pie, a tasty twelve o'clock with a cold and a warm dish or something else from the lunch and dinner menu. Then you can continue the Kunstrondje Dordt walk fully recharged. Grandcafé Groothoofd has been a household name in Dordrecht for 32 years, among tourists, Dordrechters and other people from the region. Not surprisingly, because at the A-location on the water there is always something to see. And to experience, because since this month live blues music can be heard again on various Sunday afternoons in Grandcafé Groothoofd.

Grandcafé Groothoofd, Groothoofd 3
Groothoofd Groothoofdspoort Drierivierenpunt (Vera Britt)

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