Next weekend there is plenty to do in Dordrecht. Read our Easter tips.
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Next Easter weekend there is plenty to do in Dordrecht. Celebrate Easter at Duurzaamheidscentrum Weizigt or visit the festive city center during Dordrecht Pakt Uit. Read our Easter blog with all kinds of tips and enjoy Dordrecht Waterstad on the water.
Saturday, April 8

Dordrecht Pakt Uit

During the Easter weekend it is party time in Dordrecht because the entrepreneurs in the inner city are unpacking! It is a day full of fun activities, the Easter Bunny hops around and 25 golden eggs are hidden in the city center with fun prizes inside. Will you join the search?
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Lamb Day in the Dutch Biesbosch

During Lammetjesdag, the Hel- and Zuilespolder is dedicated to the newborn lambs of the sheep flock of the Hollandse Biesbosch. Children can come and admire and pet the lambs.
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What will you be doing this Easter weekend?

Easter in Dordrecht

This Easter there is plenty to do in Dordrecht! You can search for eggs at Weizigt and in the Dordrecht Museum. Enjoy the most delicious Easter breakfasts and brunches. Read our tips here.
Easter in Dordrecht

Dordrecht Watertown

Dordrecht is a true water city. An island - completely surrounded by water! View the historic inner city or its green backyard the Biesbosch from the water. You will not know what you see!
Whisper quietly through the ports of Dordrecht

The Dordrecht canal

For the Easter weekend, reserve a spot on the electric-powered open boat. For a cruise through narrow waterways in the historic city center. You will sail under centuries-old arched bridges and visit picturesque places.
Large freshwater tidal area

Discover the Biesbosch

The whole Easter weekend there are round trips from Biesboschcentrum Dordrecht. Do the Biesbosch Whisper tour or Nature tour. The Griendeiland discovery tour offers a combination of boating and hiking.
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from the series Dordtse Huisjes

Gift tip: Family Week Planner

VVV Dordrecht sells many fun, typical Dordrecht products. Do you know the series Dordtse Huisjes? This family planner has no date, so you can start whenever you like. Isn't that handy? Every four weeks there is a different house on the planner, so it remains a party to work in the planner.
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