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January 2023

InDordrecht Newsletter

You'll discover something new in Dordrecht every time. Walk the Rondje Dordt, the Kunstrondje or the podwalk 'Het Water komt'. Go shopping during these winter months. With the 'Made in Dordrecht' shopping route, you can buy and taste what is 'typically Dordrecht'.

Walk the Rondje Dordt

Dordrecht is also beautiful in winter with its historic city center and special stores. The Rondje Dordt (5 km) takes you along the most beautiful spots. Along the way, you can visit a museum, go shopping or enjoy a cup of coffee or a delicious lunch.
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Events Dordrecht

In the Events you will find all the activities and events taking place in the coming period. We highlight a few for you.

Art Tour Dordt

A walk along galleries, art, antique and curio stores, antiquarian bookshops and museums in Dordrecht. Possible every day but the first Sunday of the month, almost all stores are open along the way.

National Theatre Weekend Jan. 28+29

Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy everything Schouwburg Kunstmin has to offer at a great price. During a tour you can also take a look behind the scenes.


On January 28 there will be another quiz at Bibelot. With lots of puzzles, intros, video clips and photo rounds, the quizmasters will serve you with a professional and most of all fun, general MegaMusicQuiz.

Take pArt tours

On the weekend of Feb. 4 & 5, the young people of Take pART will give their own tour of the Dordrecht Museum in which they will make visitors look at art in a different way.

More tips? Check out the Events

The Water Comes

Dordrecht and water have always been inextricably linked. With a podwalk via NTR's free 'Het Water Komt' app, you will learn more about this. Winfried Baijens takes you back in time with this historic water walk.
Podwalk - The Water Is Coming

New in town


New women's clothing store with various fashions, headscarves, scarves and bags. With a beautiful, pink interior so fun to walk in.

Miekje's Brocante

Brocante store with great passion for beautiful old (French) stuff. Selling special, old Gouda Stearin candles, as well known as Gouda cheese.

Special Fries

At Bijzonder Frietwerk you can enjoy a delicious meal: lunch to dinner! Be sure to try the famous Loaded Fries Chicken or Rendang there.

Made in Dordrecht | Shoppingroute

What you get from afar is delicious, but what you get from Dordrecht is even more delicious and beautiful! A route along various Dordrecht delicacies and other typical Dordrecht products.
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Even more typically Dordrecht

Taste the best gin and liqueur in the world!

Walk into Rutte Distillery on a Saturday afternoon for a small tour of the historic distillery and sample a variety of Rutte products.

The best from Dordrecht

All local, and artisanal products from Dordrecht can now be found together in the revamped VVV store. Honey from the Dordrecht beekeepers association, Dordrecht wines, beers and tea. And, of course, the Schapenkop cookies.

The Great Church on your keychain

Look how fun! Using 3D printers, the Grote Kerkstoren Dordrecht was issued as a keychain in 11 different trendy colors. Available at the VVV and the InDordrecht webshop.

Doe Dordrecht Kado

The Dordtse Kadobon, a gift from the city. A truly Dordrecht gift that you can spend at more than 100 Dordrecht stores, cultural outings and restaurants.

Dordtpas - get everything out of the city

Are you already familiar with the Dordtpas? Go to the movies, museums and amusement parks for free. Enjoy discounted sports, coffee, dinner and workshops. So many actions, so little time. Get everything out now!

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