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The City Walk 078 x Dordt Feasts

City Walk 078, in partnership with Finn s, Post, the Warehouse and Christa s Cookies, is offering a fun walk prior to the events. Not only great fun, you get lots of goodies along the way! 🍪🥂 In short, you'll get in the mood beforehand.

What do you get from us with this walk? 🥳

  • A recycled cotton backpack;
  • A recycled filled water bottle;
  • Something sweet for the road;
  • Something tasty at the first catering establishment;
  • The interactive walk past the nicest local stores (including water points) to the end point of your event;
  • And a pub quiz for the road to get in the mood!

There are three starting points, these are based on the transportation you can use to get to Dordrecht. The starting points are:

  • Dordrecht Central Station (train) / Drievriendenhof parking garage (car):
    At this starting point you will get the bag with all the goodies at Restaurant Post on the Johan de Witstraat.
  • Hooikade (water bus) / Parking lot Weeskinderendijk (free parking):
    At this starting point, get the bag with all the goodies at Finn's Food and Drink on Blauwpoortsplein.
  • Merwekade (water bus) / Parking garage Drievriendenhof (car):
    At this starting point get the bag with all the goodies at The Warehouse on the Voorstraat.

The walk is a maximum of 5 km;

We recommend starting the walk 2 hours before your event so you can walk to the event at your leisure;
You need to buy your own ticket for one (or more of course) of the Dordt Feasts, you can do so through this link.