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MARIA empress of Dordt

Mega music spectacle for and by the people of Dordrecht

MARIA Empress of Dordt is a mega musical spectacle, a city opera for and by the people of Dordrecht, celebrating 800 years of the city. The story, based on the truth, tells of Empress Maria, who receives Dordrecht as a wedding present 800 years ago. Thanks to the city rights that are established as a result, Dordrecht grows into a flourishing city and Maria can decide over her own life full of culture and festivities. Producer Muziektheater Hollands Diep invites all inhabitants of Dordrecht, young and old, experienced and inexperienced, to participate. The aim: to create something beautiful for the city together through this city opera. Everyone is welcome!

The nice thing about this community show is that everyone can participate.
- David Prince

Musical spectacle: a real community show

"This grand musical spectacle is a real community show," says artistic director David Prins enthusiastically. "We are developing it together with the Big Rivers Festival, but many local cultural organisations are also involved, including the major film and musical orchestra Timbres Divers, Inter Amicos and the Orpheus Choir. A lot of people have also been working on the sets and costumes for a long time. Now that the moment of performance is approaching, it is starting to come alive. You can feel the enthusiasm. The city opera was actually planned for 2020, but we are assuming that it will actually happen this summer."

This is your chance!

Have you always wanted to participate in a big music production like this? Do you feel like working with an enthusiastic group of people to create something unique for the city? Then this is your chance. Muziektheater Hollands Diep is looking for actors, dancers, singers, performers, musicians, soloists, clubs, associations, choirs and much more. Weekly rehearsals start in March. Would you rather work behind the scenes? There are plenty of opportunities for that too, so be sure to apply. The performances of the city opera MARIA Empress of Dordt will take place from 9 to 12 July at a unique location in the city centre of Dordt.

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City opera Maria

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