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Let springcome ...

Okay, it may not have been an endless, freezing winter, but who doesn't yearn for spring sunshine? Not just outside, but inside too! Bring spring into your home with tasty fresh produce and spring flowers from the weekly market. Enjoy the water and have a chat with your friends at one of Dordrecht's many terraces. And there are many! Go for Dordrecht's large terrace square, the Scheffersplein, choose a terrace at one of the harbours or enjoy one of Dordrecht's beautifully tucked away (indoor) gardens.

The sun on your head, a snack, a drink... Let those good times come!

Out of the house and onto the terrace!

Finn's Food and Drink

"Keep that patio weather coming! We can't wait to see people enjoying snacks and drinks on our waterfront patio again. We are ready for it!"

Regard Reuser |

Finn's Cook Catering Dordrecht

Babylon: Piece of Turkey on the Scheffersplein

"Sunshine, eating together and sociability, that is the Turkish culture," says Özgür, owner of Eetcafé Babylon. "We get the first and the last sunrays of the day on our terrace. Breakfast in the sun, that's great, isn't it? But of course you can also have lunch and dinner on our terrace. You will find us at the best spot of the Scheffersplein, with the most beautiful view. Come and taste our most popular Turkish speciality: Beyti. This is spicy minced meat from the grill in a wrap, topped with a tomato and yoghurt garlic sauce. And drink one of our summer cocktails with it... In the Turkish culture, food stands for hospitality, for being together. You will find it here, at Babylon. And now we hope for a sunny terrace season!

Özgür Özen |

Scheffersplein Babylon terrace catering Dordrecht

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city...

"Our private city garden of Brut breathes tranquillity, atmosphere and intimacy. The moment you walk in, you immediately feel as if you're completely out of the city. For 9 years Brut stands for cozy lunch, dinner and drinks young and old. Choose that spot where you feel most comfortable, and let that holiday feeling come over you!

Nicky van der Toorn |

High wine terrace BRUT terrace garden Dordrecht

For the Burgundian L(i)efancier!

"Sunshine, a drink and a bite to eat - that's what makes your day! Everyone feels welcome on the attractive Lef-terrace. Enjoy fresh, home-made dishes, made mainly with local products. But always with that unique Lefhebbers twist.

Lovers Linda and Floor |

Guts terrace catering Dordrecht

On holiday in your own city

"In the garden of Het Magazijn, it is great to eat and drink in a relaxed atmosphere. Young and old, everyone feels at home here. Imagine yourself on holiday with a home-made lemonade or lick your fingers with one of our finger food options. In the garden of Het Magazijn it's enjoyment with a capital G."

Fokke Wagner |

Restaurant Warehouse terrace catering Dordrecht

Relax under monumental trees

"Once you have discovered the garden behind the big building at the Wijnstraat 153, you will definitely come back. Totally relax, while enjoying a drink and a vega snack in our silence (read: bird) garden. Come, because there is plenty of room under the monumental trees in the garden of Bluebirds in the Backyard!".

Claire MacNeilage |

Bluebirds in the Backyard city garden terrace Dordrecht

No better place to enjoy the sun than on the water!
- Jacob and Dorien van Poppel van DRIJF.


Enjoying the spring sunshineon the water again

Relaxing in the spring sunshine after all the hustle and bustle ... who wouldn't want that? "Relaxing in the open air, during a cruise with a snack and a drink on one of our sloops, or paddling yourself in a canoe or on a sup", says Jacob. "Isn't that great? And in our own backyard, the Biesbosch. This will be the second season of DRIJF and we are looking forward to it! Our new online booking system makes booking even easier. If you choose to rent a boat, we always take the time to tell you more about the Biesbosch. This way, your trip will be a real experience. Stayokay is a prime location, right on the most beautiful creeks. And then afterwards, you can plop down on the terrace for that relaxed holiday atmosphere...".

All about DRIJF
DRIJF boat tour Dordrecht

Bring spring into your home at the weekly market

Can you imagine it? A beautiful, sunny spring day and your garden table full of delicious fresh produce and a bright bunch of flowers. If you're looking for spring, visit the weekly market, which is the perfect place to score some spring produce. As soon as you step into the weekly market, the various smells and tastes come rushing towards you. There is plenty of choice and nothing beats browsing the market in the spring sunshine. So which spring products are you really looking for at the weekly market? We asked a number of market vendors at the Dordrecht weekly market.

We can fully enjoy the beautiful flower season that makes us long for spring again. Tulips, hyacinths and daffodils are flowers that are a must in spring. "As soon as the tulips are available again, everyone wants to have one of these cheerful bunches in the house.


Weekly market Sarisgang and Statenplein flowers Dordrecht

One of the great things about changing seasons is that seasonal produce is now at its best. Enjoy the freshness of spring on your plate with asparagus, rhubarb, strawberries, raspberries, cherries and blackberries. These are fresh and have extra flavour now. "Now that the tangerine season is coming to an end, it is time for the real Dutch strawberries, which are in abundance. Juicy Dutch cherries will soon be available again. Now is also the time for delicious white Dutch asparagus."

Every Friday and Saturday, Sarisgang and Statenplein

Weekly market Sarisgang Statenplein fruit and vegetables Dordrecht

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