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Welcome to Dordrecht

The VVV magazine Welkom in Dordrecht (Welcome in Dord recht) was recently published. All visitors to the city can pick up this handy booklet from VVV Dordrecht with inspiration and tips for an ideal visit to the city. Whether you come alone, together, for a day or a weekend, you are always welcome inDordrecht!

VVV Magazine

The Welcome to Dordrecht magazine takes you on a brief time-travel through the history of Dordrecht. Almost a thousand years ago, the first inhabitants of Dordrecht settled in this area. Tips on the icons and museums in the city. Or would you rather go shopping, go on the water or do something in the greenery?

Order the magazine in the VVV webshop or collect it from VVV Dordrecht .

Download the magazine Welcome to Dordrecht

You can also get this at VVV Dordrecht


City Walk Rondje Dordt

City walk through historic Dordrecht.

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Stories of Dordrecht (no. 2): Faces of Dordrecht

From the series with information about remarkable facades in downtown Dordrecht.

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