Staying in one of the most beautiful spots in the Netherlands, uniquely and peacefully situated on the water's edge, hidden in the greenery. It is possible, in the sustainable floating hotel room, including a two-person canoe: the Ecolodge. Recently, extra facilities were added, such as a double bed, stove, refrigerator and a heat source, making this special place comfortable all year round. A watchtower, sun terrace, Canadian double canoe and two bicycles with luggage cart complete the stay. The Ecolodge has a sleek design and, in addition to the extras, also has its own toilet, a kitchen unit with washbasin, beds made up and one bath towel per person. 

Extra bonus: you can jump straight from the terrace into the canoe and sail the most beautiful routes through De Biesbosch National Park. You can easily go anywhere from the Ecolodge, even by bike or on foot. With a bit of luck you will come across beavers. The Ecolodge offers enough privacy when it comes to passing walkers. In the summer you can enjoy the sun on the sun terrace. A drink there, what more could you want? Spotting birds from your bed or maybe even hearing a beaver? It could hardly be closer to nature!

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Dordt Vlogt: Staying the night in Dordrecht

12 August 2021

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