The Golden Era

Nieuwetijdswinkel Het Gouden Tijdperk is since 2007 located in the center of Dordrecht, in the Vriesestraat. It is a store of modest size, but with a wide range of products that have a link to spirituality or natural healing. Think Buddha statues, angel and elf statues, incense, essential oils, pendulums, oracles, crystal balls, dream catchers, gemstones, smudge items and sound products.

Furthermore, Het Gouden Tijdperk has a beautiful collection of jewelry and various other special products. At Het Gouden Tijdperk a bit of attention is given to the so-called new consciousness, in which for example a more natural way of living and giving space to high sensitivity play a role. Since 2011, the physical store has been supplemented with an extensive web store, on which the articles of The Golden Age can be ordered. On this website you will also find information about alternative healers, coach support, providers of various healing techniques and courses such as yoga. In short: The Golden Age stands for spirituality and natural healing techniques in the broadest sense.

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