House Scarlet

  • Year built: thirteenth century
  • Original function: Cloth Hall

Behind the glass facade of The Weigh House is a beautiful medieval vault that belonged to the former Cellar House Scarlet. They are the remains of the old bone cellar (a medieval septic tank), which belonged to the house. The name Scharlaken derives from the original function the house had; cloth hall. Scarlet cloth, a finely shorn fabric, was traded here. In 1987, remains of this thirteenth-century house were found. The house initially served as a cloth hall. Afterwards it served as a weighing house. Many utensils were unearthed from the bone cellar, providing a good picture of the daily life of wealthy medieval citizens.

On three screens, passersby can now see the eventful history of the House of Scarlets from the underpass daily and continuously between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m., from the underpass. Objects show what was discarded in the bone cellar and later found during research.

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