Pakhuis Stokholm

  • Year built: 1730
  • Commissioned by: Anthony de Bruijn
  • Original function: Warehouse for storing grain

Warehouse Stokholm. The building "Stokholm" is located with the front on the Wolwevershaven, dug in 1609, and with the back on the river Oude Maas. It owes its name to the commissioner of its construction, Stockholm-born merchant Anthony de Bruijn. The warehouse has served as a grain store for several centuries and has a huge capacity. Around 1910, the warehouses across the street, on Kuipershaven, were also still in full use. After that, the Wolwevershaven was mainly used as a berth for steam tugs. Now it is the home port of the steam tug Pieter Boele and, together with the Binnen Kalkhaven, it is the only harbor that still has the character of a real inner harbor with beautiful monumental buildings on either side. Stokholm has been renovated into an office building which now houses several businesses.

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