Tin of Dordt Sheep Cuts


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Product description

A candy can with 200 grams of krepeliendjes (soft sweet round licorice with licorice flavor). On the tin are pictures of Dordrecht and sheep with the story of the Dordtse Schapenkoppen. The inhabitants of Dordrecht owe this nickname to a legend from the Middle Ages. As a rich and powerful city, Dordrecht paid taxes on goods entering or leaving the city. To evade this tax, two Dordrecht people smuggled a sheep, disguised as a boy, into the city. Arriving at the city gate, everything seemed to go smoothly, but as soon as the gate was passed, the sheep began to bleat. The story went around like wildfire in Dordrecht and its surroundings, and since that time Dordokkaren have also been called "Schapenkoppen.