Stories of Dordrecht (no. 30): 'The Holland of 1859'


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The office building of the N.V. Brandverzekering-Maatschappij 'Holland van 1859' is one of the iconic twentieth-century buildings in the city of Dordrecht. In this booklet, you will find brief information about the history of the origins of this successful Dordrecht insurance company, about the architectural design dating from 1939, the interiors and the works of art in and on this neo-baroque building and about the architect, the flamboyant Sybold van Ravesteyn (1889-1983).

For more than thirty years, the National Education Museum has been the museum about the history of Dutch education. This museum is housed in the restored building 'De Holland'. Educational museums have a history of almost 140 years. The present-day National Education Museum shows the history and the topicality of national education in three exhibitions.