Stories of Dordrecht (No. 33): Rembrandt and Dordrecht


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Rembrandt was the most important Dutch master of the Golden Age and had a great influence on other artists. A remarkably large number of Rembrandt's prominent pupils and followers came from Dordrecht. And nowhere did people work in his style for so long. In this booklet, curator Sander Paarlberg of the Dordrecht Museum explores the connection between Rembrandt and Dordrecht. Did the great master live in the Merwestad? Who were his pupils and followers from Dordrecht? Why did they go to Amsterdam? Were there any works by Rembrandt in Dordrecht? What can be seen of him in the city in later centuries? What was Ary Scheffer's relationship with Rembrandt? A surprising overview of everything Rembrandt had to do with Dordrecht and vice versa.