Stories of Dordrecht (no. 39): Toon Berg, magician with glass


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Toon Berg started at the age of 15 as a blacksmith's boy, and after the Academy in The Hague he was apprenticed to J.L. Schouten, owner of 't Prinsenhof in Delft. After producing his own designs in the glass factory of Bouvy in Dordrecht, he started his own business in 1919 in the Dolhuis, which he had purchased. From there, beautiful stained-glass windows found their way to many churches, public buildings, offices, schools and private individuals throughout the Netherlands. In his work, he often used allegorical representations, both religious and profane. His oeuvre included stained glass windows, cut glass windows and etched glass.

This booklet, written by Cees Esseboom and Herman van Duinen, describes the life of Toon Berg, but mainly shows his versatile oeuvre in beautiful full-colour illustrations.