Bring the cosiness into your home

Bring the cosiness into your home - Dordt vlogt

Today, Vera Britt takes you to a number of shops that can bring the real cosy Christmas feeling into your home. Everyone needs warmth during the holidays and these shops contribute to that. The Magical Gift store on the Groenmarkt is the place to be. This is the Disney store of the Netherlands and during the holidays everything is in Christmas theme. A little further down the Wijnstraat is the cosy little shop La Baronesse. This shop offers a mix of brocante, second-hand clothes and self-made products.

BRUT Food & Wine Bar had something very special during the holidays. Besides the delicious food, they also sold Christmas trees. Food and conviviality is of course the perfect combination!

Do you want to see how you bring the cosiness into your home?