Christmas gift ideas

Christmas gift ideas - Dordt vlogt

Today Vera Britt takes you to three shops where you can score the perfect Christmas presents. The first shop tip: mother and daughter started Atelier Klei & Zij together. The shop where jewellery, accessories and art are made from ceramics is located at Voorstraat Noord. Another tip is a nice bottle of wine from Wijnhuis 167; here you will find an assortment ranging from Merlot screwcaps to the best Grand Cru's. The wines come from many continents in the world, from Chile, Canada, New Zealand to our own Dordt.

The last shop is located at Voorstraat West and offers delicious coffee and tea. Care for people and the environment is paramount for all products, so most products are organic and direct trade. This is none other than Simon Levelt.

Do you also want to give the nicest (Christmas) gifts? Take a look!