On holiday in your own city

On holiday in your own city - Dordt vlogt

Not long ago, Vera Britt went on a discovery tour of Dordrecht with Angela from 'Dutch Nomad'. They take you on a vacation in your own city. First, they go pick out a suitable travel bag at Duifhuizen. Meanwhile Duifhuizen is located at another beautiful spot at the Bagijnhof next to the ANWB.

To have the real Dutch feeling for a while, they go to get the most delicious cheese at Gert-Jan the Cheese Farmer. The first culinary stop of the vacation is located at Voorstraat-Noord; they go for a bite to eat at Piccola Italia. After this they linger in Italy for a while and stop at Vicino Sei, a special perfume store on the Wolwevershaven. On the corner of the well-known Scheffersplein is the Turkish restaurant Babylon. This is therefore the next culinary stop of the vacation.

The journey continues to another corner of Scheffersplein. At Bistro Twee33 they will taste a typical French wine. The last stop is in Spain at Tapasbar 't Vlak on the Wolwevershaven.

Do you want to see how you can have a wonderful holiday in Dordrecht?