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5x delicious lunches in the heart of the city

At this time of the year, you are going out again. Talking about cravings: if you feel like having lunch in the center of Dordrecht, we give you five delicious tips. Because even though you think you know the city inside out, you may not know these lunch gems and you should definitely not miss them!

Craving a tasty lunch? We give you 5 scrumptious tips!

For that real living room atmosphere

One of the addresses where you can have a nice lunch is Stadshotel Steegoverslootbecause in the center, in a listed building, is the patisserie-bakery and lunchroom of Christa's. You feel a wonderful old-fashioned yet contemporary living room atmosphere there. While just walking in, but also if you want to have a private lunch with a group, because Stadshotel Steegoversloot has a separate 'gentlemen's room' in ditto style: an old monumental room. Enjoy homemade pastries, a soup, sandwich or salad or go for a generous sandwich on sourdough bread. Choice stress? Have a drinks board with all kinds of goodies! More and more people are discovering lunch at Christa's. A lot of traffic is expected for this spring as well, if only for the local products. Such as flour from the mill, wines from a Dordrecht wine shop and cheese and nuts from the market. The restaurant tries to work locally as much as possible, with fresh products that do not come from far away but rather from nearby. And you can taste that!

Stadshotel Steegoversloot & Christa's, Steegoversloot 56
Stadshotel Steegoversloot Christa's lunch food drink hospitality overnight downtown Dordrecht

A household name in Dordrecht

Restaurant De Klander Muelen can be called a household name in Dordrecht. It has a bit of everything, including lunch. You can order lunch dishes until 5 p.m., so even for a late lunch you are literally and figuratively right here. The menu is very variable. Whatever is on it: they are all trendy dishes of today. Take a toasted sandwich with focaccia bread or sharing dishes: smaller dishes to share. Loaded fries, chicken pops, De Klander Muelen moves with the times and you can taste that during lunch. Of course you can also go there for the classic twelve o'clock or a pancake. Eat in the cozy indoor space, or on the covered terrace. There is also an outdoor terrace for when spring really comes through. If not yet, have lunch on the covered terrace cozy with heaters. You see: whatever the weather, De Klander Muelen is a great place to be, since 1976!

Klander Muelen, Statenplein 149-150
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Lunch time in beautiful garden

How convenient: the beautiful, brand new garden of City Brasserie De Witt is as good as finished! Here you can enjoy your lunch moment in full splendor. But not only that: inside and outside it is a matter of experience. Seven days a week, whether or not combined with a movie visit. Often the films can be watched from 2 p.m. onwards, so after lunch you can slide right into the cinema. The lunch menu has a wide choice of meat, fish and vegetarian. Like sandwiches and smaller dishes. Making a combination is also an option. Choose for example mezze: the trend of the moment. This large dish in cold or hot variety is a selection of small dishes, sandwiches and salad. Great if you want to be surprised or if you simply can't choose. For example, drink one of the twelve different beers on tap or choose a wine from the extensive range of natural wines from sustainable, natural production.

Stadsbrasserie De Witt, Nieuwstraat 62
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Enjoying comfort food

Looking for an extensive lunch menu? Then visit restaurant Het Magazijn! From simpler dishes for children to sandwiches. there is plenty to choose from, including dinner dishes for when you have a big appetite. The classic sandwich is increasingly disappearing from the menu, this has made way for real dining, notes this Dordrecht restaurant. Since the corona time, people are increasingly taking the time to have a longer lunch and enjoy good company and tasty food. What is then very nice: sharing during your lunch. At Het Magazijn you can easily share finger food, which often has an Asian touch. With this so-called comfort food, you taste a dish together, for even more experience. Drink a nice refreshing lemonade with it, homemade of course! This can be done inside, but if the spring weather is nice, you can have lunch outside in the city garden, on the terrace.

The Warehouse, Front Street 180
Het Magazijn lunch food drink catering Voorstraat center Dordrecht

Feast of recognition!

Have lunch in an industrial atmosphere: you can at Broodcafé Jaap! You'll be amazed, because everything breathes vintage and industrial. Broodcafé Jaap is not a standard lunchroom, because you get a real experience that you will not easily forget. It is a feast of recognition with all kinds of items from the past and things worth admiring. Lunch is served from old crockery. It's a motley collection, but it's well thought out by the owners of Broodcafé Jaap. Jaap makes his own sourdough bread, for a well-filled sandwich. No croquettes and fried eggs at this Dordt establishment, but sandwiches that are just that little bit different. The tuna salad is a hit, as is a brie sandwich. Fish, vegan, meat, there is something for everyone on the summer and winter menu with a separate list of seasonal sandwiches. In the summer, sandwiches with cold toppings and salads do well, so if you want something refreshing, you're in the right place at Broodcafé Jaap.

Bread cafe Jaap, Johan de Wittstraat 10
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