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Dordrecht BBQ sloop sails electrically from now on

Can you imagine a finer summer evening than on the water in the beautiful nature of the Biesbosch while on board a cook conjures up all sorts of tasty barbecue delights?
 This has been possible for the past two years on the Dordrecht barbecue boat. And next summer, it will be possible in a sustainable and silent way, because from then on, the luxury sloop will be fully electric.

Origin of the idea

The idea arose three years ago during one of the many trips that Emiel Reijerkerk and his girlfriend Manon made through the Biesbosch. "We often went out on the water with friends for a barbecue or delicious lunch and wondered why something like this did not exist; the combination of good food and sailing in this beautiful nature around the corner. So we decided to start our own BBQ boat, so that other people could also enjoy such trips that give you that great summer holiday feeling."

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National Park the Biesbosch - nature Dordrecht

The boat for the best bbqs

They found an old, converted Norwegian lifeboat, which they restored with their own hands and converted into a luxury BBQ boat. From the moment it was in the water, it was an immediate success. And not only the people of Dordrecht, but also guests from Den Bosch, Amsterdam and Scheveningen, among others, stepped aboard to be pampered with beautiful organic meat from the grill, homemade salads and delicious drinks.

"Because it is doing so well beyond expectation, we were given the financial scope to make the boat more sustainable with an electric motor. That was something we had planned from the outset, because you don't want to sail through such a beautiful nature reserve with a diesel engine," says Emiel. "And not only is it cleaner, it's also much quieter, which means you can enjoy the special surroundings even more."

BBQ boat Dordrecht