Doe Dordrecht Kado local gift card Dordrecht
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The perfect gift: do Dordrecht Kado!

Doe Dordrecht Kado is Dordrecht's new local gift card. A real Dordrecht gift to spend at more than 100 Dordrecht stores and restaurants or to use for cultural outings.

An original gift for someone you love as well as a nice gesture to local business owners!

NEW: Do Dordrecht Gift!

With this gift card you shop local and support the entrepreneurs who contribute to a cozy downtown and shopping centers. A voucher you can redeem in one of the city's many stores, but also to enjoy at your favorite restaurant or for a surprise outing. It is the perfect gift to give and even more fun to receive. The choice of Dordrecht stores participating is vast. "It's a huge mix," says Danny den Braber of Dordrecht Marketing & Partners. "And new entrepreneurs are still joining. The more participants, the better of course." A trendy pair of pants, dinner, movie, new shoes, new haircut or a tasty cake? It's all possible and it's also social toward Dordrecht entrepreneurs.

Doe Dordrecht Kado local gift card Dordrecht

Voucher for all

The voucher is the further development of the end-of-year gift that employees of the Dordrecht municipality received last year, which was a voucher to spend at Dordrecht entrepreneurs. The goal of the Doe Dordrecht Kadobon is still the same one year later: support your locals and contribute to a cozy city center. The big difference with last year is that this voucher can be purchased by any Dordrecht resident throughout the year. Vouchers can be redeemed at physical stores, but often also online via the webshop of participating retailers. It is even possible to redeem the vouchers by telephone or e-mail, should the need arise.

Doe Dordrecht Kado local gift card Dordrecht

Typically Dordrecht

The voucher is on sale at the VVV on Spuiboulevard 99 or online at You can determine the value of the voucher yourself. For online orders it is possible, for a small extra charge, to put a personal message on the voucher. This makes the voucher even more personal and fun to receive and give. It is also possible to spend the voucher in parts at different entrepreneurs. "It is a typical Dordrecht gift for Dordrechters or friends and family from outside the city. The recipient can choose something according to their wishes and you support the entrepreneurs of Dordrecht. The voucher is the perfect Christmas gift, and it is certainly also interesting for Dordrecht companies that want to surprise and thank their employees for their efforts in an original way."

Doe Dordrecht Kado local gift card Dordrecht Vos & VD Leer

What makes the Doe Dordrecht Gift Certificate so much fun?

  • An original and truly Dordrecht gift
  • Easily ordered online or for sale at the VVV (Spuiboulevard 99)
  • You support the local entrepreneur
  • To be spent at restaurants and retailers in various industries
  • Gift amount spendable in parts

The Doe Dordrecht Kadobon is an initiative of the municipality of Dordrecht, Dordrecht Marketing & Partners and the POBD (Promotie Ondernemers Binnenstad Dordrecht).

All about the Doe Dordrecht Gift Certificate
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