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Dordrecht ontdekken is nóg leuker met een ervaren VVV-gids

Dordrecht is a city par excellence to stroll through!

City walk Dordrecht, a real discovery

Dordrecht has a rich history, beautiful monuments, a lively inner city and nature is never far away. Of course, you can take in all this beauty on your own, but you should also consider a group day trip or city walk with a VVV guide. Our guides cater for the interests of the participants and have an answer to every question. Fun and educational. Says Patricia Hoornaar, who puts together the most diverse group day trips at Dordrecht Marketing & Partners.

Almost every day, VVV Dordrecht on the Spuiboulevard is the starting and finishing point for a group of enthusiastic walkers. "As spring approaches, the weather naturally cooperates more and daytrips become even more attractive for many. Nowadays, many river cruise ships moor in Dordrecht. For these tourists, a guided city walk is often a nice outing on shore. But Dordrecht residents themselves also regularly go on a voyage of discovery through their own city.

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Walking - historical Dordrecht

Inner city, nature and current affairs

The choice is wide. "In 'The tastes of Dordrecht', three restaurants are visited for a starter, main course and dessert. In between, there is always a short walk through a part of the inner city. If you sit down for the next course, you will already know a little more about Dordrecht. Another option is to participate in a photo quest in the Biesbosch. One part of the tour will be on water, either in a kayak or in a whisper boat, and the other part will involve walking through nature. There is a clear element of tracking, and apart from that it is of course a matter of enjoying nature.

Current events are also taken into account. In the context of '800 years of the city', intended to commemorate the fact that Dordrecht was the first settlement in the former county of Holland to receive city rights, a suitable route has been devised. "This leads past places where special stories about the city rights can be found and the story of the genesis of the river Thuredrecht is told in detail."

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