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Dordt sports lovers can indulge themselves. November will be a great sports month, both for active sportsmen and women and for the indispensable spectators. Make sure you reserve at least the second and last weekend of November for these three great sports events.

November = Sports Month in the whole city!

DrechtStadLoop: right through Dordrecht city centre

Cor van der Steen and Peter Slijkoord have noticed that the interest in walking in the city centre is increasing. This year, they expect around 2,000 participants. The two organisers of the event, both members of Fortius, are looking forward to it again. "The half marathon is the real race (also certified by the KNAU), but for the fun runners we also have several runs," says Cor van der Steen. "We always start with the Racerunners race, for children with disabilities. This is followed by the 1, 3, 5 and 10 kilometres. The nice thing about the DrechtStadLoop is the combination of the beautiful route through the city centre with many family members, friends and acquaintances cheering along the way. In addition, there are various live orchestras near the finish to cheer the runners on."

Both men are positively surprised by the record amount raised this time for charity. "Every year we have a charity, usually from the Albert Schweitzer Hospital. This year we raise money for research into Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS), a rare form of MS. Last year, the Albert Schweitzer Hospital and Erasmus MC started a study into the causes of this disease, with the aim to find a treatment to limit loss of quality of life. By mid-October, the counter had already reached €30,000." Every participant will receive a medal after finishing. The last entrant will be accompanied by the nine heavy motorbikes that will be present around the course during the day and a beautiful bunch of flowers. Finally, a final appeal from the enthusiastic organisers: "It's fun, you contribute to a good cause and it's healthy. So take part!"

Sunday 14 November
DrechtStadLoop event Dordrecht

WC Shorttrack: irresistible skating spectacle

For the eighth time already, Dordrecht is hosting the World Cup Shorttrack, an important tournament in the run-up to the Olympic Games in China in 2022. Unfortunately, due to the current corona measures, there is no audience this year. A great pity, because this time the event will be held at the Sportboulevard in Dordrecht for four days instead of three, so that even more riders can come into action. Sports director Lia Paasse is proud to once again receive Dutch heroes such as Suzanne Schulting and Sjinkie Knegt, as well as top athletes from the rest of the world. Dordrecht has definitely contributed to the spectacular development of the sport in recent years. Shorttrack has experienced tremendous growth in recent years and is more popular than ever, partly due to the successful top performances of Dutch athletes.

25 to 28 November

FORTIUS Wantijparkloop: perfect running location in the autumn

"Fortunately, we can run races together again," says Maarten Vogelezang, the organiser of the Wantijpark Run on Sunday, 28 November 2021. "The Wantijpark is a perfect location to run in autumn. The city park is at its most beautiful in November with the old trees and the autumn colours. It is not for nothing that this well-known, already over thirty years old run, attracts an average of 175 participants including youth every year." Pre-registration is possible until 24 November via For the youth there are runs of 1 and 2 kilometres, adult participants can choose from the 5 and 10 kilometres. The registration desk is open from 9.45 am. Every participant will receive a souvenir, and the winners will even receive a nice prize! Maarten Vogelezang will not be taking part himself. "That is the disadvantage of being the organiser. I took over the organisation in 2017, but before that I had been running very often. I know how beautiful this run is and can heartily recommend everyone to take part."

Sunday 28 November Wantijpark, Dordrecht
Wantijparkloop running Dordrecht

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