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Christmas holidays in Dordrecht!

It's the Christmas holidays! The perfect time to get together with the family. There are plenty of things to do in Dordrecht this Christmas holiday to enjoy with the family. Read on for tips and inspiration!

This Christmas holiday is all about socialising in Dordrecht, going out into nature, walking the most beautiful routes and bringing Dordrecht home by ordering from your favourite restaurants and shops.

On the move

Did you know that when you walk you see much more than when you cycle or sit in your car? Go on a voyage of discovery through the city centre of Dordrecht and discover beautiful gables, special paving stones and the most beautiful shop windows. And don't forget to get something tasty from the Dordt cafés and restaurants. Tip for kids: do the treasure hunt Kraek den Code, click here to view and print the treasure hunt.



Kraek den Code children's walk in the centre of Dordrecht

Dordrecht in the dark

Walk past beautifully lit buildings in the evening and learn more about the the Dordt Water Stories of the Dordtse December Dagen. At twelve bridges in the inner city, the stories are told by means of light art. A 'Dwaalkaart' has been designed with a route and a fun puzzle to solve. The Wandering Card can be called and collected from the VVV at the Spuiboulevard by calling 078-7513000 and agreeing on a time to collect the card. The map is also available at various places in the Dwaalspoor area that are open for collection or can be downloaded here.


Damiate bridge bridge keeper house Dordtse December Dagen 2021 (1)

On a natureadventure

Go out this Christmas holiday and discover the beauty of the Biesbosch in winter. Take a walk on the footpaths in the Nieuwe Dordtse Biesbosch and look for the animals in the Biesbosch. A walk in the park or discovering a new playground is also possible.

Klimbos Biesbosch Dordrecht

Online tour of the Dordrecht Museum

On Sunday, 2 January, there is an online guided tour of the Dordrechts Museum. The tour is called Art at a Distance, lasts 45 minutes and takes you along the most beautiful artworks from the exhibition "in the light of Cuyp". The online tour starts at 14:00 and costs €10.00. Tickets can be ordered here.

Cuyp Dordrecht Museum

Enjoying Dordrechtonline

Shopping at the best Dordrecht entrepreneurs is still possible online from the comfort of your living room. This page gives you an overview of all click & collect and other actions and many more tips to keep enjoying Dordrecht.

Grote Kerk Dordrecht at night

Enchanting video art Kunstmin

Watch enchanting video art with music on the Kunstmin tower from 27 December to 13 January (except 31 December and 1 January) between 17:30 and 20:00. The artwork Staging Silence (3) by Hans Op de Beek lasts 45 minutes and plays continuously, so you can come and go as you please. You can get your cake and eat it too during the performance from the open doors of the theatre café.


Schouwburg Kunstmin theatre culture going out Dordrecht

Even more tips

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