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It's getting more and more fun in downtown Dordrecht. The beautiful weather and the relaxations around corona are obviously contributing to this. But let us not underestimate the entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm of Dordrechters themselves.

New projects, initiatives and surprising stores create even more vibrancy.

Living is more than a nice chair

Lovers of unusual (residential) objects are in luck. At Wijnstraat 147 Atelier Dieudonnée of Jantine Lindner. With her husband and five children, she lives above the striking historic building, which still has a large "steam printer" on the facade. There, Jantine sells a mix of new and design from the 1950s to the 1990s including unusual lamps, vintage items such as vases, crockery, as well as furniture, pillows, fragrances that she selected together with Vicino Sei and much more. How did the psychologist by birth end up in the interior design world? "I got into it through our own home. Family and friends were impressed and increasingly asked for interior design advice. And so it went on. More projects, more contacts with suppliers and the most beautiful objects that I regret if they are not also available to other design lovers." Precisely those objects can now be found in her home furnishing store and studio.

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Atelier Dieudonnee Dordrecht

The city as a museum

It is impossible to pass DOOR on the Spuiboulevard without at least looking back. Eight enormous painted panels are attached to the pillars of the building. Each panel is a work of art in itself. However, they all have the same theme, which for this first edition (of four) is "dog. Sammie Schakel of Iconoclash (his street art can already be seen in many places in Dordrecht) is curator of art in public spaces and the organizer of this original project. "Every edition, four artists are given the challenge to show what they can do on two panels. For this first edition, by the way, it will be five artists on a one-off basis: Lotte Koppens, Maarten Mooren, Simian Switch, graffiti artist Rims and Michael Geurin. The project is financially supported by the municipality with the aim of encouraging artists to use their talents in public spaces. Especially because of corona, there is an extra need for this." As far as Schakel is concerned, there may be many more works of art, even in other places in the city. "My goal? A Dordrecht collection of street art that no other city has. I am happy to work on that."

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DOOR street art Iconoclash July 2021 (1)

Bach & Beats during free festival celebration

Fancy a surprising evening of music? Then come to the Energieplein on June 26, mindful of all the corona measures then in force. The evening will start with the results of the top 10 favorite Bach that Dordrechters could vote for recently. Early music company Collegium Musicum and Govert van der Kolm's band will take you through an original mix of Bach in different styles. After this, the evening slowly flows into electronic music. Here too Bach is not far away, DJ Solarstone spinning a set in which he took the prelude and fugue in C as his starting point. He passes the baton to the winner of the DJ competition: TimoNoize. The evening thus ends with a Trance party. To gain entry, you need a special test not older than 40 or a full vaccination.

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Bach Festival Dordrecht 2021
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