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The Bagijnhof-Visstraat is a part of Dordrecht where you can find exclusive(er) women's and men's fashion and optimal service. We list three of these shops for you. And we will tell you all about The Sting in the shop on the Sarisgang.

Understanding in the centre of Dordrecht

In recent years, Dordt's Visstraat has been a coming and going of shops. Men's fashion retailer Alexander Roodfeld - for 91 years a household name in the field of fashionable-classic menswear - has, on the other hand, been a fixed beacon in the ebb and flow of (clothing) shops in this street for fourteen years.

Exclusive collection
For four generations, the Dordrecht menswear business has passed from father to son. Ties Roodfeld, owner since 2013, makes sure that in addition to the trusted brands, you will always find the most beautiful new fashion. To spot new brands, he travels to the international fashion fair in Italy twice a year.

Tailor-made & self-assembled
Although it's almost impossible not to succeed in finding an outfit at Roodfeld, there's always the possibility to have your trousers, suit or shirt tailor-made to your own taste and size. With a choice of no less than 4000 fabrics, 200 types of lining, countless stitching, buttons and other options (your name in your bespoke suit? No problem!), you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. Ties: "We hardly ever have to tell our customers no."

And the customer service doesn't stop there: on request, Ties will also bring a selection of clothes to your office or home to see if your ideal piece of clothing is among them. Top-class service!

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Alexander Roodfeld Dordrecht

Menswear and craftsmanship

Since 2017, the Visstraat has a new addition to the men's fashion scene in the form of Jac Hensen. As the only branch in the Randstad, the Dordt branch attracts customers from Zeeland to Amsterdam.

The impressive art deco-style corner building houses 1500 square metres of men's fashion. In this spacious, light shop you experience the passion that the Hensen family has for menswear and craftsmanship for 40 years. The fresh, stylish interior of the shop is a good reflection of what you will find here in menswear.

Spread over three floors, every fashion-conscious man from 18 to 88 years of age finds the outfit he wants here: from jeans-related and casual to formal and businesslike with daring. "The super minimalist approach of recent years is also over in men's fashion," says store manager Tim, "fortunately, it is all allowed to be a bit more expressive and colourful again. Green had already crept into many a wardrobe, but yellow is also making an appearance in menswear this year."

Wedding department
Are you planning to step into the wedding boat? Also then you are at the right address at Jac Hensen. Come and browse around or make a special appointment where one of the enthusiastic, experienced staff will guide you through 'suit land' in peace and quiet.

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Jac Hensen - Dordrecht - Visstraat - menswear - clothing

The unique Costes-lifestyle

Until now, the Bagijnhof-Visstraat was mainly the domain of the men when it came to quality clothing. But with the chain Costes - the more mature 'sister' of The Sting - in the former Lindershuis, the ladies also have a whole clothing department for themselves in this part of the street.

In the beautiful monumental building in Dordrecht, we also get to know the unique Costes-lifestyle; a brand of international allure where you can go for a day-to-night look for every occasion.

24/7 feeling
The stylish collection follows the trends and is compiled every season on the basis of different themes, in which the '24/7 feeling' is central. Here, every fashion-conscious woman with a passion for lifestyle will find the right look for every moment of the day, including timeless basics and accessories.

Eye for detail
At Costes, an eye for detail does not stop at the clothing collection. The interior of the shop is carefully attuned to the location, so that the characteristic features of the special building are shown to their best advantage. The interior has an attractive, luxurious look with design chairs and lamps and breathes a warm, metropolitan atmosphere.

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Different brands with their own style

In Dordrecht, it is no longer possible to walk past The Sting unnoticed. With the building on the corner of Sarisgang and Statengang, the Dordt branch of the fashion shop has almost its own street!

Sting shopping new style
The Sting Dordrecht occupies the entire ground floor and first floor of the building - good for 1200 square metres of shopping pleasure. The store is one of the first in the country to be decorated according to the 'white concept', The Sting's new interior design concept. Light, fresh, sleek and - you guessed it - lots of white are the key words here, giving the shop a very spacious look.

A network of brands
The Sting is known for: A wide range of (own) brands, each with their own style, which makes The Sting a great place to find an outfit for everyone. From young on-trend fashion lovers to a more mature and casual target group; here you will find clothes for both an informal look as well as for a specific style or occasion, including the nicest accessories and finest everyday basics.

The arrival of The Sting has transformed Statengang from an inconspicuous passage into an attractive passage. And who knows, maybe in the future the Statengang will be popularly known as 'Stingstraatje'.

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The Sting Dordrecht