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Autumn in fragrance and color

We have enjoyed a wonderful summer for a long time, but slowly we feel the temperatures dropping, we see the leaves changing color and the days getting shorter. And honestly, there is something to it. It's the season of coziness and atmosphere, of long, cozy dinners with the most delicious warming stews and stews, a good glass of wine or a dark beer; lovely candlelit evenings.

We are looking forward to it again and so are the Dordt entrepreneurs!


Warming beverages

After a refreshing walk through colorful nature, warming up on the couch with a cup of tea under a blanket is the ultimate autumn feeling. This can of course be done with a classic Earl Grey, but what about a fine, herbal tea blend that also makes the whole house smell delicious. 'The season for hot drinks is starting again,' says Isaak Minderhoud of coffee and tea specialist Simon Lévelt. 'Our Autumn Tea is a richly flavored tea with warming flavors such as cinnamon, juniper and orange. For coffee lovers, the medium toast Golden Empress with notes of bay leaf and chocolate is highly recommended.'

Simon Lévelt tea shopping Voorstraat West Dordrecht

A good glass of wine

But you can also warm up with something stronger, like a good glass of wine. 'With autumn, I always take a run-up to winter. Heavy white wines or some lighter reds. But not too light,' says Frank Kila of Wine House 167. 'What I personally am very fond of is the Negroamare from the winery house Montecore. Delicious aftertaste of cherries and the light acidity of unripe blackberry. And then that light pepper which gives a spicy finish. My autumn feeling is complete.'

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Limited edition Sheepshead Double Bock

Or how about a hearty beer brewed in our own city. Stadsbrouwerij Dordrecht has re-released its limited edition Schapenkopje DubbelBock this month. A sturdy and 'malty' beer, for the real beer lover. Available at various liquor stores in the city and recently, Stadsbrouwerij Dordrecht's brews are also for sale at VVV Dordrecht. 'In recent years, we have seen increasing interest in local products,' says Cecile Zanen of VVV Dordrecht. 'Previously, regulations made it difficult to offer alcoholic beverages in stores, but now weak alcoholic beverages are allowed. Very nice that we now have this homegrown beer in our assortment.'

Bock beer DubbelBock Schapenkopje Stadsbrouwerij autumn VVV Dordrecht

Vibrant city

Although the days are getting darker, the street scene in the center of Dordrecht is not. In the windows of the many clothing stores and boutiques, trend colors such as lilac, bright red and orange dominate. 'Dordrecht has a wide fashion offer with well over fifty fashion retailers,' says Remco Gravendijk, Quartermaster Promotion Entrepreneurs Downtown Dordrecht. 'There is a nice mix of various segments and so there is something suitable for everyone, seven days a week.'

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City in bloom

The quartermaster sees the city increasingly flourishing. 'The city center has welcomed many new (local) entrepreneurs in the past year, that combined with a renewed and expanded H&M this month makes Dordrecht an emerging shopping destination. In any case, there is a lot of investment in the city and that can be seen everywhere. Think for example of the Specsavers building and the renovated Omoda, both of which have become beautiful. Dordrecht is increasingly being used as a pilot city and hopefully this will also give other large chains confidence to establish themselves here.'

Weekly market flowers autumn shopping Sarisgang Dordrecht