Visiting Dordrecht - Nieuwe Haven
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Children's walk | Scavenger hunt with Schaep

Dordt Sheepheads

Dordrecht is the oldest city in Holland and is almost a thousand years old. In the Middle Ages, Dordrecht was a rich city. That was because you had to pay tax on everything you wanted to bring in from outside the city. Also for animals.

Two inhabitants of Dordrecht who had bought a sheep outside the city did not want to pay taxes. They therefore dressed the animal to make it look like a boy. The men grabbed the sheep by its front legs and one dark evening they walked into town with the sheep between them. As they walked through the gate, a loud bèèèh sounded and they were caught by the gatekeepers. This is how the nickname "Schapenkoppen" (Sheep heads) came about for the people of Dordrecht.

Adventure tour with Schaep
In this treasure hunt, we go on an adventure with Schaep. He still has to pay taxes. Collect enough tax money by answering the 10 questions and filling in the numbers on the coins.

But beware! This map is very old and many new houses and buildings have been added since then. The map may therefore be slightly different. Also take a pen and paper with you. Good luck!

Download the Quest with Schaep