Why shop on a shopping evening?

Every Thursday is shopping night in the city centre until 21h00, so put on some nice shoes, because in the city centre you will find lots of shops, beautiful brands and special boutiques with unique Dordt products. Whether you are looking for electronics for your home, an outfit for yourself or a unique gift, you will certainly succeed at the Dordt shopkeepers.

And a shopping evening is perfect for a relaxed and fun evening of shopping! We have listed the advantages!

1. Over 150 entrepreneurs welcome you!

We are not going to claim that all shops are open, but there really are many more open than you think. So no closed doors but a warm welcome at your favourite shopkeeper! Always check the opening hours because some shops close at 20h00.

Want to know which shops are open?

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2. The shopping evening is just a bit more relaxed!

No stress on a busy Saturday or the hustle and bustle of Sunday. On shopping evenings you can just relax and shop until 9 p.m.! And the shopkeepers have the time to give you professional advice, so you will always succeed!

Duifhuizen Bags and Suitcases Shopping Bagijnhof Dordrecht

3. Cosiness on the street

In the coming weeks, you will be surprised by strolling bands in the city. Among others, The Classic Crooner, The Groovy Gents and SAXXL welcome you to the city.

With his old gramophone, the Classic Crooner sings all the sweet-voiced hits of yesteryear! Think of Sinatra, Elvis or Nat King Cole. Crooning is still alive!

The Groovy Gents consist of three gentlemen who know their way around acoustic instruments. With two guitars, double bass and a beat, they play covers from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s in their own swinging way.

SaXXL stands for delicious recognizable music, played by Gertjan Pasveer on his saxophone. A varied musical journey along 'Memory Lane', something for everyone.

4. Treat yourself to an evening of no cooking

Of course, you can also start your weekend a day early. Before or after shopping, enjoy a tasting at one of Dordt's restaurants or treat yourself to a nice glass of wine or special beer to usher in the weekend!

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High wine terrace BRUT terrace garden Dordrecht

Rebel with a Twist Dordrecht

Which shops are open?

Stadscafé Rijke & Zn bockbier Dordrecht (1)

Want to finish off with a nice drink?