Atelier Gerhard Lentink

Gerhard Lentink's studio is located in a Catholic boys' school built in 1906. A real 'corridor school', symmetrically laid out, with classrooms on either side of a corridor. It is an austere building, which was completely focused on classroom education. The building lacks its crowning glory: probably in the 1960s, the brick balustrade was removed. After restoration, the facade between Gravenstraat and Schrijversstraat is in perfect condition, with the exception of this one railing. It remains the artist's sincere wish to have it back as the crowning glory of the building. Various artists' studios are now housed in the building. Only Gerhard Lentink's studio can be visited. In his studio you can see examples of his monumental work. The wooden sculptures often have a mythological character. 

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September 03, 2021

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