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"Welcome to our National Monument built in 1750 in the heart of Dordrecht's historic city center. In the recent past, this street and its surroundings were the setting for film shoots several times. On the second floor we offer two rooms: a double room and a single room. In the style room on the first floor we serve a full breakfast as a start to your day. "

Owner Kees Verburg has no complaints when it comes to interest in the Bed and Breakfast he runs with his wife. They themselves live downstairs in the cinematic National Monument in the centrally located Grotekerksbuurt. Kees' wife gives English courses at home (hence the name of the B&B), which guests can also participate in. Kees himself is retired.

After just over a year and a half in business, the counter is approaching 400 nights booked and over 500 guests. After his retirement, Kees by no means retired behind the geraniums.  

About 40 percent of guests come from abroad (many from Germany, France and Belgium, but also from the United Kingdom and other countries).

"The B&B is a great way to connect with different people. I love the liveliness that guests bring and enjoy welcoming them with a personal touch." 


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18 November 2021

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