After more than 30 years of experience in the flower business and 10 years of working in the centre of Dordrecht, the time had come to open our shop. On the Vriesestraat we found the perfect building where Blooming came to life. With a lot of passion, pleasure and expertise we make the most beautiful floral arrangements for you.
We also sell plants, pottery and home accessories.

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Flower shop/garden center

Milaflora Flower Creations

Voorstraat 232
Flower shop/garden center

Van der Schans Flowerbeds

Van Oldenbarneveltplein 17
Flower shop/garden center

Vreeken's Seeds

Voorstraat 448
Flower shop/garden center

Floral Ecstasy

Voorstraat 451
Restaurants outside the centre
Flower shop/garden center
Biesbosch National Park

Harvest Park

Old Feather Road 2
Gifts & party goods
Art, antiques & brocante
Living shop


Vleeshouwersstraat 60