Vreeken's Seeds

Since 1926, the family business Vreeken's Zaden has been passionately engaged in seeds, bulbs, tubers and all kinds of unique garden products. The store can be found on the Voorstraat. Since 2000, Vreeken's Zaden has grown enormously in species diversity and you can find a lot in the store in the field of growing your own plants. The edible plants and fruit bushes department is also lickety split! Have you ever seen 350 varieties of tomatoes together? 250 kinds of peppers? And 300 varieties of potatoes? The assortment at Vreeken's Zaden can rightly be called very extensive.

In the cozy garden store you will find all the thousands of products that are also available on the website displayed. Vreeken's Zaden wants to inspire, stimulate and instruct you to make a success of all your growing actions. The pride and pleasure afterwards is in turn a motivation to try out more and dive deeper into Vreeken's Zaden's assortment. Every season again, because in every tide of the year a renewed range of seeds and related products can be found at the store in Dordrecht.

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