Farmhouse De Griendheuvel

The red-brick farmhouse called "De Griendheuvel" is a restored building from the early years of Polder de Biesbosch. The outside can be visited, in good weather also the first floor.

Complex of farmhouse, garden gable and archway. The farm "De Griendheuvel" standing in the Polder de Biesbosch was built in 1937 in a part of the Biesbosch that had been reclaimed since 1926. The municipality of Dordrecht had started with the reclamation of this area as an unemployment project. The Vereeniging De Biesbosch was the initiator and client for the construction of the farm for arable farming.
The agricultural businesses in this polder also came under the management of this association, which then leased them. The farm was built to a design by an architect engaged by the Vereeniging, whose name is not known. The house, the barn and the other parts of the farm are connected to each other. The farm has the external characteristics of Interbellum architecture with influences of the Delft School.