Gemivaria gift shop is part of the Gemiva-SVG Group: for more than 28 years, we have been selling handmade sustainable (home) gifts and business gifts from our 15 workshops in the region. Our customers are individuals, companies, entrepreneurs and foundations. We produce and sell with the help of people who are disadvantaged on the labour market.

We work to measure and adapt the gifts to (yearly) themes; think of the seasons, anniversaries, births, Christmas, Easter, mother's/father's day, evening walk, local events etc. This makes our offer always varied and certainly not boring. In addition to our products, we also provide services: Christmas hampers/relationship gifts, birth/fidelity packages, wrapping, mailing, textile/wood printing, courier services, and file destruction. We also recycle/deliver; old cell phones, caps, cans, corks, cartridges and DE coffee points through which we support charities.

  • Always on the move and looking for cooperation with others, because there is nothing more fun than;
  • Making a Difference Together!

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