The Light Palace

As can be seen in the background, The Lichtpaleis on Grote Spuistraat supplies everything in the field of home lighting. In 2020, the shop expanded its outdoor lighting department again. A series of ceiling fans has also been added to the range.

Not only complete lamps can be found there, but also individual items such as shades, light sources, electrical equipment, LED strips - Het Lichtpaleis is fully specialised in these.

The shop is therefore known in the region for being able to solve many lighting problems for its customers. This is the experience that has been built up over more than 60 years since the start in 1959. This is considered very important within the company. It is not just a matter of selling the item, but also providing support for it.

Owner René van der Knaap inherited many skills from his father. Together with his mother, they continue the business. With an eye to the future - everything in the field of wireless control, which is becoming increasingly cheaper, will play an important role. A visit to the shop is worthwhile at any time of year.

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