Joker van der Wiel

Do you need professional help in making the right (interior) choice? Then Joker van der Wiel will undoubtedly be able to help you.

At this home furnishing shop with handy products and professionals on the Vriesestraat has all the knowledge you need when it comes to interiors. No need to keep reinventing the wheel - – ss you just have to play the Joker! The interior professionals at Joker van der Wiel know this like no other.

Style innovation, colour combinations and the latest trends in the area of interiorThat is what Joker van der Wiel knows everything knows all about interior design. From wallpaper to window decorations and from paint to floors - this interior design shop in Dordrecht breathes nothing but interior design and everything that comes with it and offers many products to enhance your interior.

The interior professionals are ready to provide you with the most beautiful items and appropriate advice, also for project interiors. Joker van der Wiel is completely ready for the future.t. And ready for your future!

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