Kinki Hairdressers

Kinki hairdressers have undergone special training at the Kinki Academy, where they have learned to apply creative ideas to hair. A technical basis is indispensable for this. To inspire these hairdressers with new ideas and styles there is the Kinki Lab, where interiors, hairstyles, new styles and techniques are developed by the Creative Team. The Creative Team, in cooperation with L'Oreal Professional, regularly gives shows and demonstrations of new styles and hair trends at home and abroad.

The vision of the 1980s is still the same; Kinki is for people who strive for innovation and originality. People who want to rise above the mainstream with their hairstyle, whether it's modern, extravagant, extreme or chic. Everything is possible, also at Kinki Kappers Dordrecht on the Voorstraat.

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