VIVIstyle children's salon

At VIVIstyle Kindersalon we make every haircut a party. It is not for nothing the slogan of the children's hair salon that Vivian started in Dordrecht in the Voorstraat.

Vivian really enjoys cutting and giving children a beautiful haircut and that is what drives her as a child hairdresser. The fact that they leave the salon happy and proud after a haircut experience is what Vivian does it all for. She is not just a child hairdresser; it goes beyond that. Children sense another person's energy delicately and need interpretation so that they enjoy going to the hairdresser and are not frightened by it.

Vivian's goal is to make the child feel and experience that a haircut doesn't have to be scary and that cutting hair doesn't hurt. Making the child feel calm and safe when cutting their hair: that's what Vivian is all about. The parents also play a role in this, because if they feel confident that their child is in good hands, then the child's confidence grows as well. The door of VIVIstyle Kindersalon is always open to everyone: from very young to youth and parents are also welcome in the children's hair salon of Dordrecht.

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