LOTT. Beautysalon

Those who are looking for perfect nails, eyelashes and eyebrows can go to LOTT. Beautysalon on the Voorstraat. Proud owner is Charlotte van Geenen. She has been interested in beauty from an early age. During her studies, she already did nail treatments in the evenings. Now, with her diploma in the pocket, it was time for the next step: her own salon with the extension of eyelash and eyebrow treatments. It turns out to be a bull's-eye. Anyone who wants to make an appointment - this can be done online via her website - has to be patient. Charlotte is already fully booked for the coming period.

What is her formula for success? "The space is beautiful, look at the magnificent ceiling. Moreover, I take my time for people. I provide a cup of coffee or a glass of champagne. It is familiar and cosy, which is why many clients come back. Apart from that, the work I do is of course good. I follow the trends and keep developing myself. Biab, for instance, is a new trend where nails are strengthened from the inside in a natural way. Not many nail stylists offer this treatment yet. The variety, the continuing development and the search for challenges make me feel like working every day. It is my passion and work at the same time. LOTT. Beautysalon is open from Wednesday to Sunday.  

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