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7 x as Barbie in Dordrecht

The picturesque center of Dordrecht is the perfect place to bring out your inner Barbie! From the cutest boutiques, to personal care and pink sweets: read on quickly for the Barbie hotspots.

Sweet treats at Coffeelicious

When you step inside Coffeelicious you are immediately in Barbie's dream world! The delicious smells, pink interior and the most beautiful pastries await you. In this beautiful building, enjoy scones, cakes, tarts, sandwiches, coffee, tea and much more. Tip: take some home, too!

Photo: Coffeelicious

Discover Coffeelicious
Coffeelicious Barbie food drink breakfast lunch center Dordrecht

Pastel party at Clay & She

This particular spot on the Voorstraat is a paradise for pastel lovers! The soft colors invite you to go inside this candy store full of accessories. Here you can score fun handmade ceramic jewelry, hair accessories and items for your interior. Also fun: book a workshop and design your own jewelry!

Discover Clay & She
Clay and She shopping Dordrecht

Manicures at LOTT. Beautysalon

For perfect nails, at LOTT. Beautysalon to the right place. Enjoy a glass of champagne or cup of coffee while owner Charlotte creates a work of art of your nails. While you're there, you can also come here for perfect eyelashes and eyebrows.

Discover LOTT. Beauty salon
LOTT. Beauty salon care nails Vriesestraat Dordrecht

A beautiful bouquet at Milaflora

Milaflora is the place to brighten up your interior with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Will you go for a composed bouquet of fresh flowers or a beautiful creation of artificial flowers? It's all possible and owner Mila turns all types of flowers into the most beautiful works of art.

Discover Milaflora
Milaflora flower store shopping Voorstraat Dordrecht

Enchanting fragrances at Vicino Sei

An outfit is not complete without a perfume that suits you completely. At Vicino Sei, the best scents are already coming your way. Here they sell the finest Italian perfumes, created by small Italian perfume houses. Sweet, fresh or woody: there is a favorite scent for everyone!

Discover Vicino Sei
shopping Dordrecht

The cutest interior accessories at Purple Interior

At Purper Interior shop the most beautiful items to brighten up your home such as colorful lamps, vases, posters and other accessories. You can also buy the nicest items for yourself: hats, jewelry, slippers and more. Purper Interior has a unique collection of original, colorful and vintage items. Here you will never leave empty-handed!

Discover Purple Interior
Purper Interior shopping interior center Nieuwstraat Dordrecht (3)

Your new favorite outfit at Jets Favs

Jets Favs is a boutique on Vriesestraat filled with the cutest cheerful and feminine women's clothing. Spirited skirts, dresses, jackets and accessories, among others, can be found in this boutique. Always following the latest trends and a changing collection makes this place not to be missed in this list.

Discover Jet's Favs
Jet's Favs women's clothing store Vriesestraat Dordrecht

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